Young musicians presented quality at its finest

25. July 2019

What the 20-year-old cellist from Singapore and now living in Vienna and the 16-year-old baritone from Oslo delivered at the Zinkhütter Hof Museum at the Lieder- und Instrumentalmatinée was top-class and the finest quality.

STOLBERG "The names Brenda Goh and Aksel Rykkvin should be remembered. These young artists want to go up, and rightly so."

They were accompanied personally by the artistic director Patricia Buzari. Brendan Goh showed how gifted he was with the “Swan Song” from the “Carnival of Animals” by Camille Saint-Saens and the famous “Elégie op. 24” by Gabriel Fauré, whose preference for the deep tones benefits the cello. "Wow!", Every visitor thought when the young Norwegian Aksel Rykkvin started the German folk song "Mein Mädel hat Rosenmund" by Johannes Brahms. Rykkvin also showed his great class in the three other songs. Robert Schumann was represented this morning with the "poet's love". The texts, poems by Heinrich Heine, describe the path from the emotional awakening of love to the excruciating moment of being rejected and the realization of having to bury this love. Rykkvin text-confidently and strongly voiced these eleven pieces, in which sensitivity, weltschmerz and delicate irony mix. It was a bit melancholy with the "Sonata for Piano and Cello in E minor op, 38" on. The young composer Johannes Brahms had dedicated it to his friend Josef Gänsebacher, a great Beethoven admirer. Brahms, also fond of Beethoven, did the same and created an impressive chamber music work in which cello and piano acted equally. The "Folk Songs" by Benjamin Brittens with idiosyncratic harmonies in the piano part were "in the best hands" with Aksel Rykkvin. Expressive and enthusiastic, he made them heard. So it was not surprising that the final piece "The stream in the valley", as a trio presented, also came from Britten. The audience was simply thrilled, since the two young stars had all cast their spell over them. It was very well received that the third concert of the "Momentum" classical festival now opens the doors to young talents in the "YAC" project (Young Artists in Concerts) to present their skills to a wider audience. It continues this evening with the Friday Nights with Yury Revich. Curator Yury Revich (violin) and artistic director Patricia Buzari (piano) present works by Franziska Lebrun, Fanny Mendelssohn, Lilly Boulanger, Barbara Heller and Johanna Doderer, the latter of whom will be on site from Vienna. (BY MARIE-LUISE OTTEN)



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