Inaugural Wiener Meisterkurse international violin competition for 18 and below

Inaugural Wiener Meisterkurse international violin competition for 18 and below

Violin competition

Violin Competition 2016 of Vienna Master Courses

Presented by: Wiener Meisterkurse
Artistic Director: Günther Theuring
Organisation: Jörg Bierhance


Operning Ceremony: 11 July, 2 p.m.
Stage 1: 11 July, 2016, 3 p.m.
Stage 2: 12 July, 2016, 3 p.m.
Stage 3: 13 July, 2016, Concert of the finalists: 7:30 p.m.

The award ceremony will take place after the final concert at Festsaal of Laudon Palace, Wien

Place: Laudon Palace, Vienna


Note from our donors:

It is an immense joy for us to be able to discover and support some of the greatest talents of this century in the heart of Europe at Wiener Meisterkurse.” Dr Wilson Goh and Mrs Karen Goh (Singapore)


The competition is open to all actively participating violinists of Wiener Meisterkurse 2016 under the age of 18.


Stage 1:
One sonata of Mozart and one Caprice of free choice either by Ernst, Wieniawski or Paganini

Stage 2:
Compulsory piece: “Vier Stücke” op. 7 by Anton Webern and one piece by Fritz Kreisler and one short piece of free choice.

Stage 3:
A recital of max. 30 minutes of free choice


1st Prize
A one-year free loan of a violin “Carlo Ferdinando Landolfi”, ca. 1760, from the Collection of Dr. Wilson Goh and Mrs Karen Goh.

A recital at Wiener Meisterkurse 2017 at Festsaal of Laudon Palace, Vienna.

A full scholarship for Wiener Meisterkurse 2017 (non-transferable).

2nd Prize

A full scholarship for Wiener Meisterkurse 2017 (non-transferable).

3rd Prize

A 50%-scholarship for Wiener Meisterkurse 2017 (non-transferable).

The award ceremony will take place after the final concert at Festsaal of Laudon Palace, Wien.


The jury consists of Mrs Svetlana Makarova, Prof. Pavel Vernikov, Prof. Igor Ozim, as well an Mrs Karen Goh from the Goh-Collection and Prof. Günther Theuring as President and Chairman of the Jury.

In case of tie of votes, the Chairman’s vote is decisive.

The jury reserves the right to withhold any prize should the required standard not be achieved.

All decisions of the jury are final.

Application for the competition

The application for the competition is only possible through the website of Wiener Meisterkurse.

Along with the application the participant has to submit

  • a copy of his passport or id-card stating his birthday,
  • a link to a significant video (i.e. youtube),
  • a curriculum in English language
  • the list of the chosen repertoire and
  • a proof of his music education so far.

The non-refundable application fee or 100 EUR has to be paid along with the application for the competition.

Scholarships are available on a limited basis. Please contact the Vienna Master Courses administration.

Deadline for application is 15 June, 2016.

Further Regulations:

Wiener Meisterkurse will provide Piano accompanists, unless the participant wishes to perform with a pianist of his/her own choice. Wiener Meisterkurse will not bear any costs for such pianist.

All rounds of the competitions are public.

Lot draws the order of performance of the participants.

Wiener Meisterkurse does not provide or pay expenses for travel or accommodation for the participants of the competition.

Wiener Meisterkurse and its contractual partners are entitled to produce film-, video-, photo- and audio-recording material about Vienna Master Courses and its events. Those photos and film-, video- and audio-recording materials, which will only be published within a duration of three (3) minutes, may be published without any restriction regarding time, place or technique and may be recorded on any kind of technical object. It may be duplicated, diffused, rented and broadcasted in radio, television, notably in regard to online and mobile techniques, with any kind of present or future technical procedure. Any commercial utilization is excluded.

Note: The English version of the Terms and Conditions of Participation is a convenience translation. In case of differences between the German and English versions, the German wording shall be decisive.

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